Life is Like a Metronome

This blog entry was originally written on February 12, 2007 and posted to my myspace blog (everyone had one, right?). At that point in time I was preparing to leave friends, my beloved home of six years, and a church I absolutely loved to face a new and less than ideal situation in another state. I had no idea what the future held and felt as though I were staring into a cloud. A practice session yielded a lightbulb moment…

Tonight while I was practicing with a metronome I realized how living life is like practicing with or without a metronome.  If I work on learning a piece but I always practice it ‘a tempo’ then I’ll probably never get all of the notes down the way I should.  Sure, I can play it and it sounds ok….I’ll get the gist of the piece but that’s all.  If I practice at a slower tempo, especially one hand at a time, then I’m able to learn all of the notes well with the correct fingerings.  This eases my stress level while playing the piece because I’ve really taken the time to study and learn the piece.  Even better….if I practice with a metronome, one hand at a time with a slower tempo then I’ll learn to play all of my notes correctly in tempo.  I’ll eventually practice both hands at the same time and I’ll gradually crank up the tempo on the metronome but only when I’m ready. 

I’m very guilty of trying to breeze thru a piece without taking the time to study it and learn it correctly.  My sight reading skills are good but it’s not sight reading anymore once you’ve played it.  Several times at VT a very dear friend practicing next door would hear me playing way too fast and making way too many mistakes.  He’d knock on the door and say two words when I opened it, “Speed kills”.  I would get so aggravated because even though I wanted to practice my way, I knew he was right.

So what does this have to do with life? 

How many times do we try to do something our way and fail?  We speed through life, we practice “our way” and God (or karma or whatever you believe in) tells us to slow down.  He tells us “speed kills” and that we not only need to slow down to adequately learn, we need to use God’s metronome while we’re learning.  He won’t speed up the tempo until we’re ready to move on to the next lesson or step in life.

I had a wonderful dinner with a good friend tonight!  We had a great time and enjoyed some very deep God conversations.  It made me own up to the fact that lately I’ve been “practicing” in my own way and even when I slow down I’m still not using God’s “metronome”.  That is something I really need to work on. 

Though life as I knew it was being turned upside down, at the time I had no idea the end result would lead me in the direction of my dreams. Six months later I returned to school to complete the music education degree program I’d left seven years prior. Finding this old blog last night was perfect timing because I sorely needed a reminder of its message.

I’ll close with the remainder of my old blog entry:

I encourage each of you to slow down and search for the right tempo of your own life.  May you all find peace and wisdom from whatever you perceive the Higher Power to be.